Sunday, 27 August 2017

Term 3 update

The last month in 3/4T has been full of fun, from science experiments to Book Week and all that was in between.

The students planned and made paper planes as part of our Discovery Unit and designed an experiment that would test the flight.  The video shows the range of designs.

As part of National Science week, 3/4T also explored sound and tension by making paper cup telephones and having intriguing conversations across the classroom.  We even tried for a whole class conference call when students discovered that crossing the lines included all in the conversation.

The theme for Book Week this year was 'Escape to Everywhere', an idea we celebrated in class through reading 'The Patchwork Bike' and making sign posts to the imaginary lands you can only reach through books.  The costumes on the day were amazing, and such a wide range!

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